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Our History

Nuestra Trayectoria

We were established in Chile in the year 1929 under the name Salinas y Fabres Hermanos Ltda., with a focus on Engineering and Construction, where we began to execute various important property value jobs such as the Sport Arena (1938), the Religions Establishment (1946) and the Santa Maria Hospital (1958), among others.

Between the decades of the 50s and the 80s, we enhanced our development through increased specialization and in the 90s our subsidiary Montajes Industriales Salfa S.A. was created and transformed into one of the most distinguished players in its industry. That same year, our Real State subsidiary society Salfa Inmobiliaría was also created.

In 2003, six of our subsidiaries obtained international certification ISO 9001:2000, distinguishing the work of Salfa Construcción, Constructora Salfa, Salfa Montajes, Salfa Industrial, Novatec and Proing.

In 2004, The Company listed its shares in the Chilean Stock Market, obtaining resources to initiate an expansion plan, which consisted of, among other aspects, land investments to drive the growth of the Real Estate area and to support the development of the Engineering and Construction Unit.

In the same decade, the subsidiary Revesol S.A. was acquired, which brought integral solutions to our clients in the area of transporting bulk material, especially in mining. At the same time, the subsidiary Salfa Montajes obtained international certifications ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007. As a result to the innovation in its work, SalfaCorp became itself the leading company in the Engineering, Construction and Real Estate markets, backed by its solid management and the strength of each and every one of its workers and professionals.

The year 2007 stand out for the merge with the company Aconcagua and the strong growth in Engineering and Construction. This has allowed us to establish ourselves as the most important conglomerate in the construction and real estate sectors in Chile with great potential in real estate projects, construction work, industrial assemblies and new businesses such as Industrial Maintenance, Mining Development and Maritime Works.

Together with this growth, we add the simultaneous internationalization other Latin American markets. In this manner, the company entered the Peruvian market acquiring DES & SAL, along with 80% of HV S.A. Contratistas, through which we are currently developing important works in the Engineering and Construction area. Additionally, we also have operations in Colombia and Argentina at the moment.

In an effort to extend our list of specialized services, in 2008, through the subsidiary Industrial Assembly and in association with the construction company Desco, the construction company Propuerto Limitada was acquired; which is dedicated to port infrastructure, representing important synergies with our existing operations.

Throughout SalfaCorp’s career path we have demonstrated having a distinguished ability for sustainable growth. Our experience and ability to evolve through economic cycles confirm the leadership that we have achieved. As a result of this growth we are actively participating with our clients, and in this way making our mark in the new markets.