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Code of Ethics

In 2009 SalfaCorp established its current Code of Ethics, which was distributed throughout the company due to the importance of a consistent policy for the diverse cultures that make up each team within the company

This code is given to all new employees and every time it is updatedis distributed company-wide.

The code, it early states the corporate values and the principles that govern our conduct, including, among others, the following points: conflict of interest; political activities and contributions; confidential and privileged information; financial records and oversight; asset protection; legal responsibility of the company (Law 20.393); directors committee; and relationships with the staff, clients, community, government, public institutions, the environment, suppliers, and subcontractors.

The Code of Ethics is delivered to each of the Company's employees as a guide for professional action internally and vis-à-vis external entities and is available on the Intranet Portal, being applicable to the entire Organization and to all the subsidiaries of SalfaCorp SA in Chili. Through it, the workers are called to comply with it and enforce it, so that the ethical culture rooted over the years is further strengthened and that it is the obligation of each to develop and deepen it. To this end, two communication channels have been established (Ethical ChannelMPD Channel) so that workers can resolve their doubts, make suggestions, report exemplary cases or report faults within the Organization.

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