Business UnitsDescription


SalfaCorp S.A. engages in Engineering and Construction through its subsidiary ICSA. Diversified business units, a variety of services provided, a wide range of types of clients and industries, contract extensions, and varied geographical locations are among the things that make ICSA a competitive force in the market and mitigate operational risks.

This business unit is made up of several different operational companies that respond to separate specialty areas of the construction market and operate in distinct geographical regions:

    Encompasses the contract execution of industrial equipment assembly. This type of contract is characterized by the large quantities of specialized equipment and manpower that is necessary for the assembly company, where which provides the client with the design, engineering, and the equipment to be assembled is provided by the clients. Examples of this type of contract are industrial plants, thermo- and hydro-electric plants, miningeral plants, pulp processing cellulose plants, salmon plantations, wine-growing facilities, petrochemical plants, and airport terminals, among others. Other value-added services such as Industrial Maintenance and Marine Works are also offered.
    Specialties associated with the mining industry, including, but not limited to:

      In order to provide a more complete set of services related to the mining sector, SalfaCorp S.A. entered the tunnel construction business in 2008. It cemented its position in 2011 with the acquisition of Geovita S.A.
      Fe Grande engages in large earthmoving, specializing in projects related to the mining industry.
      Through its subsidiary Icem S.A., SalfaCorp offers the drilling and blasting services necessary for mining projects.
    This division encompasses specialties associated to the building of public and private, mainly non-residential projects:

      Execution of contracts for building projects and civil works for commerce and service purposes. This type of contract is characterized by the fact that the construction company provides the manpower, materials, subcontracts, and equipment necessary to complete the project as designed and commissioned by the client. Examples of this type of contract are hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, universities, churches, stadiums, etc.
      The company operates in the extreme south of the country, providing the same diverse set of construction services as previously mentioned. Additionally, this area includes a line of business in real estate development and construction. The company administrates this zone separately from the rest of the nation due to its unique market conditions, storage and supply logistics, and tax code.
    The company also operates abroad, offering the aforementioned diverse construction services in Peru and Panama with operations in Central America & the Caribbean.